Why Adulting Makes Us So Miserable

“I wanted a lot more. I wanted everything. No one seemed to like me anymore. I wanted to be my brilliant, confident, funny self again…”

Be a Rebel, Be an Optimist – Marisa

You’re invited to become a part of The Voices Series! Click here to get started!   Meet Marisa   “Self worth is your most precious possession – protect it and fight for it.”   Where does your self-worth come from?         “A lot of factors play into contributing to self-worth, but ultimately…

The world in 3 words

Bent, not broken: my three words chosen to describe our world. In Fall 2016, I took a Political Science course in International Relations, which was an elective outside of my major. The core of the curriculum was based on learning IR perspectives: realism, liberalism, and constructivism. Aside from the power-driven motivations of realism and the…

What is “Choose what you pay” and does it actually work?

Online shopping – you know the process. Think of an item and the process usually looks something like this: Picture the process of shopping for a new backpack. Step one: Google “backpack”. Step two: Find a brand you like that’s associated with “backpack”. Step three: Browse the website until you find THE “backpack”, and step…

Grown or out-grown?

Is it always one way or another? Why is it that we grow with some friends, while we outgrow others? We definitely outgrow clothes, there’s no debating that. As we age up from childhood, there is no way to fit back into our old dresses or shoes. We’ve outgrown them. Can we outgrow hobbies? Interests?…

I got KonMari-ed

How Marie Kondo’s method of giving away the stuff we think we want gives us the lives we truly deserve

I’m sorry

“When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t”